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What Is the Awakening Journey?

There are many aspects and perceptions in this age of awakening because spiritual awakening is a personal journey. When discussing awakening there isn’t one set of words to describe similar experiences on our individual journeys, which creates some confusion. So what is and why call it an awakening? Simply put we awakening from illusions, which are like dreams, as we are remembering- awakening to-who we really are. In as much as we can remember, we allow that much of us to be connected to our Highself. Because of that, awakening is extremely powerful and is always life changing.

Each person’s journey is unique because it is an internal process and so the order and perceptions presented here are not the same for everyone. The information is provided as a guide to help you understand your journey of awakening as I have been shown by Guidance. Guidance is a group of non-physical teachers, healers, awakeners, angels and ascended masters here to assist us, who collectively call themselves Guidance.

People are born with various levels of being awake or being asleep depending on the experiences need in their lifespace. Awakening happens spontaneously and because you have free will, you can either resist or embrace it. Typically it begins with the awareness that you’re more than just the role that you’ve been playing in life. Later, you awaken to realize that all of life is more than the social and parental conditioned beliefs instilled in you. These are what create knee-jerk reactions, such as negative emotions and persistent negative thought patterns. Eventually you realize that you can transmute, shift, and clear these conditioned beliefs. You will even pick which beliefs and thoughts you choose to focus on when you awaken to see how the energy of conscious thoughts and unconscious beliefs create your emotions and manifest your 3D reality including your health. It takes a large amount of courage and determination to stop buying into illusions associated with the beliefs and conditioning that you were born into and that you, up until this point, have invested your energy into. It’s a task to remain awake most of the time during this point in your process.

At various times your journey may shift through several spiritual teachings, each connecting you more with your Highself than the last. On each path you take what you need to shed more of the illusions that keep you asleep and leave the rest. For a while you’ll rarely feel completely connected to others as you take time to be on your own to forge your own deeper understanding of who you really are. This can be unsettling but because awakening is not learned from external sources, it is experienced from within. Your outer life defines you less and less and there is a gradual separation from buying into the mass consciousness.

So everyday you make choices to either be awake or remain asleep in the various illusions that you encounter and then one day you discover that choosing to be asleep gets harder and harder and it’s perceived as just a type of resistance to the flow. This is because to the level that you’ve awakened, you can’t go back to sleep. You awaken to a bit more of your Highself because you allow yourself to be that flow of energy every time you relax and let go of an illusion. The process looks like this: relax, let go of the illusion and awaken more; relax, let go of the illusion and awaken more; relax, let go of the illusion and awaken more.

Throughout your awakening journey, synchronicity and flashes of Knowingness that comes from the heart not the mind (most call this their intuition) will increase. As you become more familiar with all aspects of these phenomenons, you recognize that their energy is similar to or at least the strongest when you mediate or quiet your mind. You learn to stay in this state of being heart-centered because your life flows smoothly and emotionally you’re happy and at peace. The energy of your Highself is connected with your heartspace. With practice it’s easy to trust your heart’s Knowingness (intuition) as you transition from being brain-centered to being heart-centered. You relax more, do less with your mind and have a wide variation of experience, awareness and sensitivity beyond what our 3D logical minds can understand. This includes clear communications with your Highself and the non-physical Lightbeings here to assist you.

Throughout the entire awakening process you become more and more sensitive to and get to know your Highself intimately. Your Highself is Love and Light and since that includes unconditional love you realize it has never judged you and that you have always been and always will be approved and profoundly loved. There is nothing that has ever really been negative, bad or unlovable about you or anyone else. No one has ever been evil, bad or unlovable. These are just roles you all played in the illusions while you slept in order to have certain experiences that you can’t have if you remember who you and the others really are. You understand this clearly the more you awaken. To the degree that you can see beyond the illusion is the amount that you are awake.

Instead of perceiving the Highself as being outside of you, you have gradually come to identify with your Highself. You find that your personality self does not go away but that your identity shifts so that you are more than just the personality self. You realize that you are One with your Highself, Love and Light, God and then you awaken to an even greater degree as you come to remember that you are God, that you are the Love and Light. There is nothing ‘ego’ about it. In this state of being there is a profound humbleness for none exists without the other because we are One. We are all God. Everyone on the planet are Lightbeings who have incarnated and allowed themselves to be asleep to that fact in varying degrees to have specific experiences on earth.

When you’re this awake there is never judgment of self or of others. You also know that one individual cannot really be better, more important or more God than another. When someone is clearly demonstrating their God-ness, people tend to put them on pedestals. But keep in mind that they are just going around demonstrating who they really are, they are being their Highself, which includes the personality self. These people remind you of who you really are and that’s why you’re attracted to them and their teaching. But they are not better than you nor are they more God than you. That is not possible. Remembering this keeps from giving them your energy and keeps you centered.

When you’re in alignment with your Highself it always changes your perception; you aren’t buying into illusions so you’re much clearer. The vibration of your energy is higher because you’re allowing more source energy in. Eventually this causes your general emotional state and your life to shift for the better.

As more people are awakening everyday, their energy helps you to awaken more. In the same way, the energy of your awakening consciousness helps them to awaken more. Assistance to help you on your awakening journey is found through a variety of physical and nonphysical teachers. When you need a teacher or healer, trust that one will always appear. Follow your heart, be courageous and love unconditionally as you awaken to who you really are.

Judgments and Spiritual Growth

The mind’s function is to judge ideas within the scope of right or wrong. That’s how the mind was designed to work and it does it very well. Anytime you’re judging something, you’re in your head not your heart about it. In other words, you’ve stepped out of your higher heart consciousness and are back into relying on the limited mind.

On our journey to awakening and allowing more and more of our Highselves to be present we receive the message to stop judging. It’s a vital part of our growth and so everyone encounters this important step at some time along his or her spiritual journey. The purpose is to stop identifying with the limited mind and thinking that you are just what you think with the mind and to embrace the unlimited spirit of who we all really are. Your shift of identity is a freewill act of consciousness. When your identity and therefore your consciousness is heart based you depend on limitless Knowingness. When your consciousness is mind based you depend on a very limited perspective that is based on various illusions of right/wrong and good/evil. The heart knows what the mind is not capable of understanding. There is so much more than the mind can begin to comprehend going on all around us all.

Your heart consciousness includes the mind but encompasses much more beyond that limitation. Knowingness comes from the heart consciousness and at first is experienced as flashes of intuition, as bits of knowledge that are not based on limited linear or random thinking. A very common experience of Knowingness is thinking of someone just before they telephone you. By nurturing and encouraging the heart consciousness to grow, you’re expanding your identity to that of your Highself and you come to fully live in the expression that you are a limitless being of Love and Light. Life becomes a series of beautifully loving synchronistic events unfolding just for you. And with your heart consciousness you perceive and Know it as being for your highest and best interest.

Nurturing our heart consciousness speeds up the process of awakening and our spiritual growth. Nothing could be more important. If your mind is resistant to relaxing then Guidance recommends making the daily discipline of formal meditations where the mind is emptied. This trains you to control the mind’s functions and teaches you to relax the mind, virtually emptying it so that you can focus on allowing your heart consciousness to be more and more fully present.

Once you’ve gotten that foundation the rest is a matter of walking it out in your daily life. To speed up your spiritual growth, every time you find yourself judging anything, especially yourself, take a deep breath, relax, empty the mind and remember who you really are. This allows you to get back into alignment with your heart consciousness. It becomes easier and easier the more you practice it during meditation. During your daily meditations you are training your mind to relax and empty itself. During your daily walking around you are training yourself to be in your heart consciousness.

Remember if you’re involved with a judgment you’re identifying with the limited mind aspect of yourself. When you’re in the flow of heart consciousness you allow the flow of abundance, well-being, Light and Love. You are shifting your identity from one of a limited mental perspective to the unlimited Knowingness of your Highself. You are shifting your life from one of pain and dis-ease to one of perfect harmony. This is the transformation, the awakening happening all around us on the planet today. Be in the flow of heart consciousness and enjoy the Love for you, through you and is you in every moment.

The Concept of Wrong is an Illusion

There is no right or wrong. We are Lightbeings incarnating with purposes. The purposes earlier in our series of incarnations were based on some concept of what is acceptable or right compared to what is unacceptable and is therefore wrong. These are nothing more than judgments that served specific purposes in our spiritual evolution.

Eventually we evolve from these types of experiences, which is mind-centered, to a point of no longer requiring judgment, which is heart-centered. The transitional shift from the head into the heart requires us to let go of judgments at that point and this can evoke fear and inner conflict. Our hearts guide us to honor, love and accept those incarnations and parts of our current lifespace that bought into judgments while letting go of the judgments themselves. Every judgment is a creation of the mind. That’s all they ever were. That’s all they ever are.

The concepts of what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior are created collectively as the outcome of a group’s mindsets and beliefs as well as personal experiences. All of these judgments are concepts, they are arbitrary, and they are always illusions from the perspective of our Highself.

As an example, in western cultures when a man sleeps with a married woman society tends to judge her harshly. In the not too distant past the husband would even be acquitted for killing her for that action. This is based on Adam and Eve/blame the female; women are evil when not under the control of a man, etc.

At the same time in other cultures it is a very huge honor and compliment if a man other than her husband, especially visitors, sleeps with a married woman. This is based on the survival of remote cultures needing infusions of new blood into family lines. There is no emotional drama or pain involved in the very same act that had evoked rage, betrayal and violence.

Now you tell me, is there really a right or wrong? Or are the judgments based on mental perceptions and concepts?

The only way that a judgment can affect us is if we buy into them, we judge them or we judge others or the part of us buying into them. The easiest way not to give them energy is to remain heart-centered because judgments are of the mind, not the heart. Let them go and relax back into your heartspace. Being in your heartspace allows you to awaken more fully and remember who you really are, because the heart Knows what the mind cannot comprehend.

From the clarity of our hearts, which is the perspective of your Highself, we clearly understand that there is nothing to judge. Your heart Knows that we are all souls incarnating each for our own life purposes and each with our own life lessons. The heart Knows that life lessons were based on an illusion of what is right and what is wrong until you reached this point where you could awaken and be heart-centered. There is nothing to judge in this process. It’s simply part of the process of awakening.

As you move through life in body allowing your heart to lead, you find that there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to judge. There is only compassion and love. What is real will no longer be the mind’s arbitrary perceptions and judgments, but rather the heart-centered, perfectly peaceful state of non-judgment in the universal sea of Love.

Being in your heartspace allows connectedness with that Oneness, with that Love. In that state of Being, behavior isn’t based on the judgments of ‘because it’s right or wrong, sinful or saintly,’ but you simply Be about it because it is an expression of who you are in that Oneness, which is all about Love.