Ron L. Hall


Although I have better photos of Ron, this one continues to be my favorite. It was taken by Cheryl, Jack's sister.

Ron came into body on March 3, 1948. He came in fully conscious and aware. He came in with the ability to speak to Guidance. In past incarnations, Ron has been our teacher many times. Several of us recall him from Atlantis and ancient Egypt. He is the one who brought in what is now known as the ankh, as a healing tool that directed energy. A crystal was inserted in the top loop and energy was focused down through the long rod. In later years after Ron made transition in that lifespace, a bar was placed across the loop when those using the tool could no longer manage to control that much energy. The bar prevented energy from flowing back up into the healer's body. Through the years the discipline of how to use the ankh was lost although many of us still can recall the work, some of it was what we call Awakening today. He also  incarnated as other enlightened people in several religious practices including Tibetan Buddhism.

Ron has always loved children, and they loved him. He worked as a child therapist before devoting his life fulltime to teaching and assisting others to awaken. The timing was perfect since he was here to awaken the awakeners, those of us who would awaken others during the 2012 shift and beyond. He's made a huge impact on every community of spiritual people where ever he traveled. He  never sought to turn anyone away from their own spiritual practice, he embodies what a heartcentered being of Love and Light truly is.

He is the one who brought the energywork we know today as Awakening sessions into our timespace. For this alone we thank and honor him. Yet, in touching into such a clear Lightbeing we experienced so much love and such a deep sense of spirituality that we are also filled with gratitude at his coming in to share, teach and to help us remember who we really are. I am honored to have called him my friend.

Ron made transition in 2005 and yet most of his friends and students still see him as he assists us during sessions, comforts us in our times of need, as well as teach and encourage us on our spiritual journey. He is an amazing Lightbeing.

The following is a poem he wrote that his mom, Ann, printed out for everyone at his memorial service.

Letting Go

When I come to the end of the day and the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room Why cry for a soul set free?
Miss me a little, but not too long and not with your head bowed low
Remember the love we once shared
Miss me, but let me go

For this journey we all must take and each must go alone
It's all part of the Maker's plan, a step on the road to home
When you are lonely and sick at heart Go to the friends we know and
bury your sorrows in doing good deeds
Miss me, but let me go.


Several people have written books about Awakenings and Ron. The following stories were my contributions and I've put them here to tell you a little more about Ron L. Hall.

My First Awakening Session

When a medical doctor invited me to take an Awakening class given by one of Ron's students with her. I declined because I, the show-me-the-proof girl back then, couldn’t **find a body of scientific evidence that energywork was a valid healing modality. I did agree to have an Awakening session with Ron even though I was highly skeptical.

At that time I was working on my degree in psychology and some father issues had surfaced as a result of some classes. I didn’t share these issues with Ron and only requested a physical healing for injuries sustained a recent auto crash and chronic health issues that plagued me at that time.

Even though I liked Ron immediately and he answered my many questions about energywork and Awakenings I was still very skeptical as I got up on the table. Within a few minutes (not really sure exactly when since I lost all sense of time rather quickly) things began changing and reality as I knew it began shifting then fading away. At one point I floated above my body and then out into the starry night. Constance Demby’s, ‘Through The Stargate’ played in the background and it felt as if I was being carried by the music as I was floating around.

I laugh now, but the thought crossed my mind that I’d been drugged because I couldn’t account for the irrational and bizarre experience I was having. Wanting some kind of understanding of what was going on, I peeked through semi-closed eyes and watched Ron twirl something over me. Nothing I saw could account for the way that I felt and the body sensations I was having much less the out of body stuff going on each time I closed my eyes.

Back then Ron would speak to people on the table to assist clearing Mother & Father God issues. Feeling much too vulnerable with regards to my recently surfaced father issues I decided not to answer his question since I was emotionally raw and feeling too vulnerable to talk about it. As I was thinking up a polite way to sidestep the question when all of a sudden he began responding to the answer I had been thinking about but hadn’t said aloud. Feeling as strangely as I did, I assumed that I must have answered him out loud and to insure that I wouldn't let anything else slip out I put the tip of my tongue between my front teeth, determined not to answer the next question he was asking. But once again Ron ‘heard’ my answer and was talking specifically about the answer that I’d been thinking. This time I knew that I had not spoken out loud and that made me decided to  throw logic out the window and just go along. So, I gave up resisting and just relaxed and opened up. Immediately he guided me to release the father issues that we had ‘talked’ about. It was amazing. With Ron guiding me, I saw my father as a little boy and even spoke to him. My perception of my father began to shift as I let go of the fears and hurts. 

When I finally emerged from the room where the Awakening session had taken place, Ron had written some specific instructions to follow for the next 3 days and had drawn a picture of a beautiful butterfly for me telling me that it was my Brazilian astrological symbol. Following the instructions on the butterfly picture, a ton of growth and clearing occurred over the next 3 days. I began my journey to live from my heart and not my head from that point forward as well as beginning this journey of remembering and expressing who I really am. To this day the beautiful butterfly he drew remains a treasured reminder of Ron. Of interest, Ron nor I can recall my having ever given him my birth date.

**Since this time, I’ve gone on to learn several other forms of energywork to use in my practice as a naturopath & counselor and do very highly recommend it as a viable means of healing. However, I’ve yet to find any one form to be as profoundly powerful as Awakenings. Although there’s currently a growing body of scientific studies regarding energywork, I’m no longer interested in those linear aspects of healing work. To me it’s all about being fully present and heartful. That knowingness from the heartspace is what I allow to guide me, thanks to Ron and Guidance.

How I Carry on Ron’s Work

A couple of years into doing Awakening sessions, a non-physical part of Ron occasionally would drop into the Awakening sessions I was facilitating to either do some work on the person on the table or to teach me something. At the time I asked Ron about it, the non-physical aspect of Ron was teaching me how to rewire the brain (clearing old habitual thought patterns generally learned during childhood and/or trauma). Ron asked me to describe in detail what this non-physical aspect of himself was teaching me. When I was done he told me that it was exactly how he did it and for that same purpose and that he’d learned the technique from Guidance, but that he'd never taught it in any of his classes. We determined that some of the times this non-physical aspect of Ron came when Ron was sleeping or he felt ‘out of it’ like he needed to go lay down but other times he was unaware of it taking place. He said that other Awakening facilitators also reported that he, this non-physical aspect of him, appeared when they were facilitating Awakening sessions.

Before I learned that Ron had made transition he and those very large Guidance that were always with him came to me. Although I’d been used to communicating with the non-physical Ron in Awakening sessions, this felt as if he was physically there. Although their presence was very, very loving it immediately became so intense that it filled the room. My dog, who had been sleeping next to my desk, jumped up and started barking, looking right at them until they left. When I received the call that Ron had made transition I understood why he felt so different when he came to visit that evening. I’ve been able to see and feel ghosts since early childhood, but Ron was very unique and unlike any other ghost I’d encountered. Instead he felt more like Guidance & the non-physical healers I work with, but still not exactly like them back then.

He continued to come in to help when I worked and he visited when I thought of him or sent him Love and Light. I became aware that his energy was changing and that he was evolving quickly. At one point, and I don’t recall exactly when it was, I realized that his energy felt exactly like some of the other Ascended Masters of Guidance and ones that I do healing work with. Since his transition, he’s showed me how to develop a new way of working that has already helped hundreds of people. It’s profoundly rewarding and loving. He continues to be present during Awakening sessions. And
I continue to be grateful to Ron for demonstrating clarity and love and for making such a profound impact on my life. I’ll always be grateful to the Universe for allowing him to be such an important part of my life.

Dinner With Ron

While dining at an upscale restaurant, a woman who radiated huge amounts of sadness and anger dined alone at the table near us. When the waiter refused to serve her another cocktail she lashed out verbally and was promptly asked to leave. I’d sent her Love and Light earlier but because she was so close to me I finally had to block her intensely negative energy in order to enjoy the conversation and my meal. But at this point I resumed sending her Love and Light and, like everyone else, tried to act like nothing was happening.

With a few blazing words she got up, steadied herself and started to storm out of the restaurant when she abruptly stopped right in front of Ron. My heart skipped a beat because as she stood there glaring at him her energy was focused like a laser of anger and hurt right at Ron. I continued sending Love and Light with the added intention of protection for Ron. I saw and felt a huge, huge amount of Love and Light settle in around them, it was also flowing from Ron to her as he smiled and softly said, “You’re not really angry at that waiter. You might think you are at this minute, but who you’re really angry at is your ex-husband.” Ron very gently took her hands at that point and began talking to her about the difficulties that she was currently experiencing in her divorce.

The amount of Love and Light present was profound, giving a very unreal quality to the surroundings. You know how it gets when everything seems dreamlike and there’s a whitish haze or wash over everything making it hard to focus or think linearly? It was like that. The woman seemed oblivious to the fact that it might be even a tiny bit unusual that she was standing in the middle of a restaurant that she’d just been thrown out of, holding hands with a person she’d never met before who was talking to her about very intimate details of her life that she hadn’t told him about.

When her energy shifted out of anger (it cleared) she went into the underlying energy that came up for clearing which was intense sadness and some confusion. She cried as Ron continued to hold her hands and talk to her. When enough of that sadness had shifted she expressed gratitude to Ron and left in a very relaxed and peaceful state. The entire exchange had only taken a few minutes and when she left, Ron resumed eating normally like this sort of thing happened everyday. Knowing Ron, it probably did!