Now I can finally hear from my Highself. -J.K.

I could feel your hands inside of my body working on the organs. I've experienced energy work before but nothing that deep. Very Healing. Very powerful. Love abounds. - D.S.

During the entire session I was 'home'. Since I can remember I always had a vague memory of home-that place of pure love but never got to experience it here before now. Thank you for letting me experience home again. I'm encouraged and charged. - C.L.

The biggest thing that was needed was energy. I felt drained and exhausted all the time and intuitively thought that the Awakening could help. Man did it ever. I've more energy than I know what to do with from the time I got off the table. - National Healer, name withheld.

It felt like tons of sadness just poured out of me. Even in childhood I was depressed but now I feel lighter. I want another Awakening. - E.A.

For my first session I couldn't lay flat because of a bad back that I was scheduled to have surgery for. After the first session not only did my back feel better, but some childhood issues were resolved. I had a couple more sessions, my back is healed, and I never had to have the surgery. - A. W.

I never experienced anything like this before during the Awakening I was transported out of body into another reality. Now the healing work that I do has been charged up to another level because I am at a different level. - K.B.

You told me that I was going to go through a ‘detox period’ after the Awakening. I was skeptical that you could do that with just energy work. The entire three days after the Awakening I was detoxifying with lots of aches and felt tired like a typical cleanse leaves you feeling pretty rotten. After the 72 hours that left me revitalized, energized, focused, lighter and much more balanced. [Not everyone goes through such an intense detox but most report feeling a cleanse as the toxins leave the body]

Before the Awakening I didn't believe or disbelieve in reincarnation. During the Awakening session I WAS two other people. It wasn't like a memory or a dream. I was there and I was someone else. Those two life times have influenced me all my life and now I understand some of the recurring dreams and needs that I have had. - K.P.

WOW!!! These Awakenings are greeeeeeaaat!!! I can really feel it. I quit the drugs and alcohol so this had a major major impact!!! - A.H.

I consider myself blessed to have experienced two Awakening Sessions and two Channeled Life Readings. The level of your work is beyond anything I have ever experienced. The work I have done with [Guidance] has catapulted my life into directions I could only dream about this time last year. An unsurpassed experience! -S.A.

I was so deeply restful and relaxed. Finally, I'm peaceful and the caliber of my work has changed since the Awakening. C.H.