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What people are saying about Mind-Body-Spirit Phone Consultations:

Thank you so much for your assistance. I am very grateful for your work. You truly are making a huge difference in the world. -A.M.

You described my job as if one of my co-workers, as well as how it is impacting my life. It was evident to me that you were tapping into spirit to return this information with such accuracy. D.D.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and me. -T.R.

The work we are doing is helping me to walk out what Guidance told me about so fast. My life....all of it...is so much freer & easier now! -B.R.

Guidance told me about a past life that my current family and I shared. This explains the attraction to that time period that we’ve had. It also helps me understand why we've had these difficulties in our relationships that Guidance picked up on immediately without me even saying anything. Even though my family doesn't understand this, I do and working with you is making a lot of difference in my dealing with them. I have peace now. - P.T.

The situation with [name withheld] resolved itself this morning! I knew it would when I let go of that old block you called a resistance pattern in our session yesterday.-E.W.

I'm sleeping through the nite and feel good N rested in the AM. I like to use our meditation CD to go to sleep but can we make more 1 or 2 to change it up.-M.B.

Thank you for talking to me on short notice like I did need it. That overwhelming confusion is still gone today is peaceful. -C.M.  

I was thinking about contacting you to set up an appointment in 3 weeks if you have an opening, waiting a month this time seemed too long. I think I am integrating what they are telling me a little faster now. I feel like a different person almost, life has so many more moments of joy than it used to. Thank you also for the e-mail guidance, it's always exciting to hear from you and The Beings [Guidance], so much wisdom and put so eloquently, it's amazing. R.H.

Thank you for the CD and for the helpful work that you do with Guidance! You are a talented treasure. S. G.

...and the daily meditation you taught me is right on target. -D.B.

Radionics is helping I want to add that programmed crystal to hold the new energy for me at at work.-K.R.