Channeled Life Reading

Channeled Life Reading

Guidance never judges and always honors free will. Although they won't tell you what to do they can tell you the outcomes of your various choices. If you ask, they will share with you which of these is the clearest from the perspective of your Highself and why. Remember that they are coming from the place of total non-judgment, a place of pure Love and Light so that they never judge and they honor your creations and choices. At the same time, they understand every possible outcome on the matter that you're seeking information about. 

Word and ask your questions however it makes you feel comfortable. If you ask a general question, they will give you a general answer. If you ask specific questions they will answer with more details that are specific to your questions. At anytime you can ask Guidance to give you more details. 

Most people choose to ask questions about their personal lives, but you're not limited and can ask Guidance to talk to you about anything. Common questions are about reincarnation, past lives, creation, what happens when we ‘die’ or any other topic. You're seeking greater clarity and they are here to assist you. If you ask about another individual, they will never violate that other person's privacy when answering your question.

The perspective of Guidance is that of your Highself, so many times they’ll go into the importance of your question if it relates your life’s purpose (mission). This perspective always brings greater clarity for you to understand events, relationships, your childhood and even your personality traits. This clarity also brings a renewed sense of your life purpose and a return to a loving, safe and peaceful state of heart centeredness. 

It's best to be in a quiet place so that you're more likely to pick up on the non-verbal information and Guidance's energy vibration (Love and Light). The non-verbal information comes to people in the form of suddenly 'knowing' things with a deeper understanding than if you just hear it spoken. Once meeting Guidance, anyone can call upon their assistance without having to go through me.

Although it's not required, I ask everyone to write down their questions beforehand. When talking to Guidance many times people will get caught up in the conversation and the loving energy of Guidance and often will forget to ask some of their questions. 

How to Schedule a CLR

Use the shopping cart to order a CLR. You’ll receive an e-mail giving you a choice of the next available appointment times along with more details. We offer some financial assistance if you are unable to pay the entire fee right now. For more information about financing please contact alex(at) (at)=@.

Fee $125

Cancellations and Rescheduling

If you give us 24 hours notice, rescheduling or canceling is never a problem and there's never a fee. But, if you skip your appointment you will be charged a $25 no show fee. 


All information given during the CLR is confidential and your privacy is always honored and respected. In addition, at no time will your name, e-mail address, physical address or phone number ever be sold or shared.