About Us

About Guidance

Guidance is a group of non-physical beings consisting of Ascended Masters, Angels, Healers, Teachers and Awakeners; and working in tandem they call themselves Guidance. Their vibration is pure Love and Light. Guidance began assisting Dr Aaron after her first Awakening session with Ron Hall. She began working with them during Awakening sessions that she facilitated, then when using Radionics and later they began to assist her as she utilized other modalities of vibrational medicine in her practice. Soon she began consulting with them on all of her cases, eventually shifting her practice more and more to work with them because of the wonderful results. Guidance has the perspective of our Highselves so they know our life purposes and what experiences we wanted to have as we planned our present incarnation. They never judge and have only divine love for everyone.

About Dr Aaron

Dr Aaron is an ordained minister, counselor and a board certified Naturopathic Physician with a background in vibrational medicine, mind-body medicine and environmental medicine. She holds degrees in naturopathic medicine, counseling and religion. Dr Aaron began her work in respiratory therapy and her interest in alternative medicine in the 1970's. From naturopathic medicine she became interested in mind-body medicine and received a degree to add counseling to her practice. In the early 90's she began to study vibrational medicine and met Guidance. Her work is now based on the information Guidance gives since the healing is always complete (no more re-creating the unwanted over and over) and is the fastest way to clear it permanently. Over the years, she has continued her education in classes, workshops, and intensives and has earned many titles, including Reiki Master. She's been a speaker and teacher in the fields of metaphysics, environmental health and alternative medicine for several decades.

Dr Aaron conducted a national research project on the efficacy of treatments of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), worked as a state lobbyist in the field of environmental health and wrote a book on chemical exposures and MCS. She has held the office of president or chairperson of the following non-profit groups: The New Mexico Physicians of Naturopathic Medicine, the MCS Task Force of New Mexico, and the Acadiana chapter of HEAL and has also served in various offices for other health related organizations. She co-founded and helped to establish several other non-profits including the Lafayette chapter of The Injured Workers Union, the MCS Task Force of NM and Natural Med Health.

A Message From the Doctor

In all of the services offered, I work with Guidance. We take into account and address your life lessons so that these are never circumvented. We address both the underlying source of the problem and the manifestation (the symptoms) of the unwanted energy you're experiencing.We do all of our work with respect and love for you; never with any judgments as it is our perspective that all judgments are illusions.

Guidance always knows the reason, and therefore the energy, behind what's going on in your life and why you're experiencing it. Because their perspective is that of your Highself, your life lessons are moved through more quickly and with greater ease but they are never circumvented. If you circumvent your life lesson in any healing process, then your Highself must create another drama with that same underlying energy to get your attention again so that you can have another opportunity to address it. This is because you always have free-will. In our work we are speeding up that entire process and not hindering or prolonging it in any way. With love and respect, we never judge you and always respect your free-will choices. We will never force anything upon you.

We work on all levels of your being, not just the physical. Our work includes all aspects of your life: your purpose for incarnating, the physical, emotional, mental, & etheric bodies as well as past lives.

All of our work is based on and done in Love. There is never any judgment. Your freewill is always respected. Your life lessons and purposes for incarnating are always cared for. The intention of our work is for your best and highest interest to be manifested in your life. All religions and spiritual beliefs are welcome.

Working Together

A portion of your session fee is donated to support non-profit charities. I started working with non-profit organizations in my teens and still believe that with all of us working together, we can create a happier, healthier and a more balanced world. Here are the non-profits that we’re currently supporting.

Natural Resource Defense Fund

World Wildlife Fund

Red Cross

FIJA Many of us who are heart-centered, psychic and/or practice non-judgment need assistance when called to jury duty. FIJA helps you to understand your rights as you courageously follow your heart.

Privacy Policy

All information that you share is strictly confidential and your privacy is always honored and respected. At no time will your e-mail address, name, address or any information you give us ever be sold or shared. We respect your privacy. If you have other privacy questions or concerns feel free to talk to us about it.

Phone Policies

Our long distance phone plan covers all of the US, Canada and most of Europe and Asia. In most cases we're happy to pay for part of or the entire expense of phone calls even if they aren't covered by our long distance plan, but be sure to ask us about it first as this is done on a case-by-case basis.

Payments and Scheduling

During a spiritual awakening process, many people make career changes or find themselves in financial difficulties. To help you during this time there are several choices regarding payments. Usually people choose to make several payments knowing that the bill must be paid before any new sessions can be booked. The other option is to pay before your session as is our preferred practice, only with a sliding scale adjusted fee. Just e-mail me with your needs and arrangements will be made to accommodate you. Otherwise, my work is set up to receive payments through PayPal and when I'm notified that a payment has been made you'll receive an e-mail with a choice of our next available appointment times. I do my best to accommodate all time zones and work schedules so evening and weekend sessions are available on a limited basis.

If you let us know 24 hours before your appointment, rescheduling or canceling is never a problem. However, a $25 no show fee will be charged if you skip your appointment without giving 24-hours notice. The remainder of your fee will be reimbursed. It's never a problem to reschedule or get a full refund with the 24-hour notice. Emergencies come up and of course allowances for these will be made as well.