Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

Mind-Body-Spirit medicine clears (heals) every area of our lives. This includes the wellbeing of the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of ourselves. Healing not only our bodies but our relationships, our abundance, and every part of our lives.

Whenever we have repeated situations or get stuck in a pattern, there's always an unconscious underlying energy involved. This underlying energy is initially created while experiencing trauma, intense moments of loss, fear or pain, early childhood situation, past lives or a combination of several of these. Most often this is below our consciousness, meaning that we aren't entirely aware of the source of this energy. Guidance reveals this and this is why I prefer that you have either a CLR or an Awakening session prior to working one-on-one with me. 

Because like attracts like, similar energy vibrations attract each other, those unconscious energy vibrations are manifesting the unwanted things in your life. This is what's happening when people who really want to heal can't seem to stay well. This is what's happening when positive affirmations or the Laws of Attraction 'aren't working' and why unwanted recurrent things happen in our lives.

If that energy isn't cleared, then it's still actively vibrating and attracting similar energy to it. We tend to be unaware of these low vibrations within us until it attracts (manifests) something in our lives that trigger pain, fear, sadness, and other expressions. These unwanted experiences always gets our attention and is the way in which our vibrational energy bodies speak to us.

Together, we gently clear the underlying energy by transmuting them into Love and Light. At the same time we'll work to strengthen your current mental, emotional and physical bodies utilizing the healing modalities that best meet your needs.

All the work of Guidance and I is done with divine love and respect for you. There is never any judgment.

Mind-Body-Spirit Session Options