Mind-Body-Spirit Healing

General Information on Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Work We understand and respect that you are a combination of mind, body and spirit and we are here to  lovingly assist you on all levels. Long ago in my practice I discovered that when people were not healing or were healed but then re-experienced it  or  another devastating disease all over again that there was an underlying  energy creating it that needed to be addressed before healing could be permanently manifested.  In my work as a counselor I've come to understand that this also holds true in our emotions, personal relationships, and in our ability to create abundance in our lives. Working in conjunction with Guidance, we can address your healing requirements on all levels of your being. We do so with divine love and respect for you. Getting Started All of the mind-body-spirit work comes under the heading of phone consult for scheduling purposes. I prefer that you have either a Channeled Life Reading or an Awakening Session first. This way we  have clear information from Guidance to understand what and why things are occurring in your life and what is the fastest  way we can clear this without circumventing your life purpose and life lessons. After your session, depending on what your needs are, we will  decide which modalities to utilize that best meet your needs. After studying various forms of healing for decades, I've incorporated Western, Eastern, metaphysical and indigenous types of medicine  into my practice. Some of these are: vibrational medicine with crystals, radionics, or distance energywork of Awakenings and combinations of Reiki, Pranic & shamanic healing energy work; counseling sessions, meditations, visualizations and more to assist clearing your mental and emotional bodies; custom blended herbal and/or homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes; and more. Distance Energy Healing Work We can do distance energy work during the phone consult if you've already had either an Awakening or CLR. I'm a Reiki master and am proficient in many types of energy healing and provide this distance healing energy work. However, I have found that the most profound clearing of energy occurs during distance Awakening sessions. Guidance tells me this is because it is the client's Highself who orchestrates and controls the  entire session. This means that the most important issues and energy from your Highself's perspective comes up for clearing. Please check out our Awakening page for more information on this potent distance healing modality. Counseling and Phone Consultations I've been studying mind-body medicine since 1987, have a degree in counseling and am able to assist those of you in emotional pain and those experiencing or facing difficult life issues. Because I work with Guidance we can help you  even when  the emotional and/or physical pain is connected to or stemming from past life traumas or forgotten childhood traumas. My phone plan covers the US and landlines numbers in Mexico, the UK and Canada and most European countries. But we can accomodate many others so just let us know when you need assistance with the long distance bill. Emergency consultations are available and typically are set up for the same evening or the next day. To make an appointment simply to use the shopping cart below and state that this is an emergency session and we'll take care of your needs ASAP.    30-minute phone consult $50    1-hour phone consult $100   4 Weekly phone consults: 4 consecutive weeks for $200