Awakening sessions begin with a Channeled Life Reading, which is followed by the table work. Clearing and healing work is accomplished on all levels of being. Awakening sessions take 72 hours to complete however the time spent on the phone and laying down for the base energywork is roughly 2.5 to 3 hours. Distance Awakening Sessions cost $300.

About Awakening Sessions

Awakenings have always been with us on this planet in one form or another. In our generation it is known as Awakening. Ron Hall is the father of Awakening as we know it in the present. Ron taught me many things in addition to the basic and the advanced Awakening classes, such as how to facilitate distance Awakening sessions. Ron is the one who introduced me to Guidance and he is present during the Awakening sessions that I facilitate.

Who Are The Awakeners?

Some of the Awakeners are part of the group known as Guidance. However, many more Awakeners are present during an Awakening session. They assist you to 're-connect' more strongly to your Source energy, which is your Highself and more. This includes, but is not limited to, more connections between your head and your heartspace, remembering who you really are (Awakening), and the clearing of pain and illusions (this is their perspective of disease states, unclear mind sets, and all other unclarity) thus healings occur on all levels.

Telling someone what to expect during their Awakening session is difficult since each session is orchestrated by your Highself so each one of them is unique to meet the criteria of your Highself and your personal needs. Be assured that your Highself is orchestrating the Awakening session so no harm can ever come to you. Because of this, healing and greater clarity occurs on many levels; physical, mental, emotional, other lifespaces (past lives) and etheric.

The Process

You'll spend between 2 to 3 hours with me but the process takes 72 hours to complete. We begin with a Channeled Life Reading and after a short break we'll proceed to the table work. 

Depending on your sensitivity and state of relaxation you'll experience anything from feeling emersed in divine love; being out of body, floating above your body, astral-travel generally with your Guides and/or angels; visiting another incarnation of yours or experiencing events as if you were still them in that particular timespace; sleeping deeply; being taught by non-physical Guides, Angels or directly from your Highself; feeling or sensing energy moving in your body and body sensations; seeing things come up from your past as they are being cleared; seeing, hearing and feeling non-physical healers working on you, and more. The experiences are different from person to person but these are comments that I frequently hear from clients who've had Awakening Sessions with me.

We work on all levels of your being, taking care not to circumvent your life purpose, but rather assist you to finish that which you came in to experience and/or accomplish. The energy systems of the physical body are balanced; chakras cleared & balanced, meridians cleared & straightened and work is done on the areas that require healing. Your aura is also cleaned/cleared of unwanted & unneeded attachments. In your emotional body, heavy emotional energies are cleared and transmuted. Past life spaces are also healed.

One of the major features that I love about Awakenings is that there is a strong energetic connection made between the head and the heart. This allows you to have easier access to your Highself, otherwise known as your Higher consciousness. This gives many benefits based on each individual's abilities that they brought into this lifespace. Awakenings allow for smoother transition into the higher vibrational frequencies that have come in to the Earth, which is in fact part of the awakening process taking place today. 

Because of this enhanced alignment my clients who are healers tell me that their healing work steps up into new levels. Because of this alignment, unclarity is more easily perceived as illusions and therefore is much easier to stay in your Awakened state and not fall back asleep. This results in clearer and more joyful life experiences. Awakening sessions are an amazingly powerful & loving process. 

Distance Awakening Session: $300